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Bicycle racks

Type Gent 400 / 580

Cycle city Gent knows what’s up!

Type Gent is a robust bicycle rack with extra attention to safety and it guarantees extra durability. This makes the rack vandal-resistant and suitable for intensive use. Due to the large front wheel supports, the wheel is not clamped and cannot be damaged. This model comes in two different versions: high-low and low-low which contributes to a user-friendly storage of any bicycle.

/Technical data

  • P-bracket and support structure in tube (Dxd = 42.4x2.9mm)
  • Centered wheel holder (Dxd = 26.9x2.65mm / 42.4x2.9mm)
  • Base plates (LxWxHxd = 360x100x65x10mm)
  • Steel
Axle distance 400mm - high / low arrangement
  • Single-sided arrangement: 4/5/6 bicycle spaces
Axle distance 580mm - low / low setup
  • Single-sided arrangement: 4/5/6 bicycle spaces
Connecting options
  • Yes
  • Charging point E-point Type Gent with low / low setup


Single sided - center distance 400mm (max. tire thickness 67mm)
  • 4 bicycle places: LxWxH = 1352x1001x1047mm
  • 5 bicycle places: LxWxH = 1752x1001x1047mm
  • 6 bicycle places: LxWxH = 2152x1001x1047mm
Single sided - center distance 580mm (max. tire thickness 67mm)
  • 4 bicycle places: LxWxH = 1892x1001x847mm
  • 5 bicycle places: LxWxH = 2472x1001x847mm
  • 6 bicycle places: LxWxH = 3052x1001x847mm
Surface treatment
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Hot-dip galvanized and powder coated steel
  • With screws and plugs on 2 concrete blocks 30x30x40cm
  • Directly on the pavement by means of wedge bolts
  • By chemical anchoring

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