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Mobile bicycle storage


Mobile bicycles, mobile bicycle storage

Movilo is a mobile bicycle storage system with a trailer and it provides a quick and easy set-up of 300 bicycle parking spaces. The model is very user-friendly and can be set up in no time at all. This makes it ideal for events or as a temporary bicycle parking facility. In addition, the suspension of the handlebar prevents damage to the wheel.

/Technical data

  • Bicycle stand
    • Support structure
      • Brackets in square profile (HxWxd = 60x40x3mm) with plug-in system
      • Connecting tube in square profile (HxWxd = 60x40x3mm)
    • Brackets with lashing eye
  • Loading system
    • Rack with rubber feet
    • Rack with rubber top tube covers
  • Approved trailer with adapted chassis for loading system
    • MTM: 2600 kg
    • 2 braked axles, each with a load capacity of 1300kg
    • overrun brake with ball coupling and a HTG of 2000kg
  • Tie straps
  • Tool case
  • 20 poster boards A3 format
  • Steel


Center distance 500mm
  • 25 bicycle racks with double-sided arrangement of 6 + 6 bicycle spaces
Connecting options
  • Yes
  • Bicycle rack: LxWxH = 3040x980x1250mm
  • Loading system: LxWxH = 3585x1880xx1750mm
  • Trailer: LxW = 3000x1800mm
Surface treatment
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Coating brackets: abcite
  • The mobile bicycle rack does not need anchoring

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This model is copyrighted and registered with EUIPO.